Visual Schemas For HR-XML

HR-XML is creating open standards in the area of HCM (Human Capital Management) similar to what OAGIS did for SCM (Supply Chain Management), creating XML Schema based open standards for BODs (Business Object Documents). What’s more, in their 3.0 draft version, they have started to structure their schemas inline with OAGIS, by arranging them as Nouns and Verbs. is pleased to announce the availability of Visual Schemas For HR-XML XML Schemas.

When tried this on the 2.5 version, there were a few issues faced, identifying the key business objects and secondly, there were also some schema errors such as the Longitude element having only the name and no type. Finally found the HR-XML 3.0 draft version from Less is More: Flattening, Profiling, Slimming: Part 1 and generated the Visual Schemas.

One interesting thing noted with HR-XML is, unlike a few other standards which don’t have any explicit copyright restrictions, HR-XML, atleast for 2.5 has a requirement to mention “Copyright © The HR-XML Consortium. All Rights Reserved.” in any references to it. So, to be safe, the HR-XML 3.0 draft Visual XML Schemas homepage contains this statement. As I have been exploring the very many open standards to provide Visual Schemas for them, I have seen most open standards which have friendly licenses but a few have some “legal stuff” in them.


2 Responses

  1. Siva,

    Pleased to hear that the 3.0 DRAFTS (they are works in progress) are working well for you.

    All our specifications are copyrighted – but we have a very liberal license that allows people do most anything with them except call them their own.

    Best Regards,


  2. Chuck, good to know that the HR-XML license is liberal, just wasn’t sure.

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