Visual Schemas For Java EE XML Schemas

VisualSchema is pleased to offer Visual Schemas For Java EE XML Schemas.

Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) defines a few XML Schemas for the definition of web applications, tag libraries and few other that are part of the Java EE specifications.

Visual Schemas is built using Java, JSP, Xerces and a few other technologies. So, we are happy to make the xml schemas of the Java EE to be available as Visual Schemas.

Visual Schemas For Amazon SimpleDB

Amazon SimpleDB is a special storage system optimized for certain class of problems. This service is certainly a welcome addition to the already existing Amazon Simple Storage. While Amazon Simple Storage is, as the name indicates, meant to store small and large files alike and that’s pretty much it and simple, SimpleDB is also simple, but more suited to storage database like data (tables, columns).

VisualSchema is pleased to offer Visual Schemas For Amazon SimpleDB.