Visual Schema For Office 2003

A while back Microsoft has released xml schemas for their Office 2003 suite of products. Their download contains xml schemas for Microsoft Word, Spreadsheet, Visio and Project.

VisualSchema is pleased to announce Visual Schemas for Office 2003. Note that the visual schema is created only for Microsoft Project and not the other documents. This is because, while the technology used in Visual Schemas is capable of generating HTML for any arbitrary XML Schema, in the process of converting the dynamically generated forms into static HTML forms for browsing on, the number of HTML pages generated will be huge for certain class of XML schemas. These schemas are mainly document layout centric such as XHTML which are very flexible and allow many loops and nesting that translates to several unique paths. This is understandable because, the definition capturing a document layout has such a characteristic. For example, in case of XHTML, a table cell can contain another table. Because of this, the other XML Schemas in the Office 2003 product suite have not been converted into Visual Schemas.