Amazon Associate Web Services Update

The Amazon Associate Web Serivces Visual Schema has been updated to reflect the latest version of the Amazon Associate Web Services. The key change is the inclusion of the RelatedItems element to the Item definition.


Visual Store

Maintaining any good website requires some resources and that requires some money. Visual Schema chose to depend less on advertising revenue so that the website is less cluttered. As a result, an affiliate store has been added to Visual Schema, called Visual Store. This store is created using Amazon Associates Web Services (A2S or formerly known as Amazon ECS).

Visual Schema For Amazon Associates Web Services is pleased to announce the availability of Visual Schema for Amazon Affiliate Web Services (formerly also known as Amazon ECommerce Services or ECS). Currently there are 19 requests and corresponding responses. Infact, there are 18 semantically different requests and responses and the 19th one, the MultiOperation request and the MultiOperationResponse allow issuing multiple requests within the same SOAP call. Many tech savvy Amazon Affiliates are using the web services to create unique, low-maintenance yet rich functionality websites to earn large affiliate profits. So, if you are wondering where to start and what capabilities are available, go to the Amazon Web Services site and use the in conjunction to learn more.