This is the official blog of VisualSchema.com a website dedicated to provide online visual representation of XML Schemas (viewers) for various publicly available standards and popular web services.

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  1. I found your site today while doing some research on SEC forms 3/4/5 and I must say, it is a very impressive demonstration of building forms up from the XSD files. Do you do this in real time for each of the various form types, or do you have a tool that creates these ahead of time? I read your(?) paper on the visual XML schema representation, but it wasn’t clear how long it would take to generate a form from the EDGAR schema files. Do you have any problems keeping your online forms synchronized with any XSD changes?

    Also, I have been unable to find the EDGAR XSD files online. Would you be able to provide a link to these schemas?

    • Hi, actually I was working on a XML editor that creates HTML forms from XSDs to enter data. So the unpolished software I have is a full fledged XML Editor with validations (capable of validating nodes as opposed to the entire document against the XSD). Then I realized I could run the program against XSDs and using a crawler generate all the HTML forms for a given XSD and stitch them together. The resulting static HTML pages is what you see on VisualSchema.com

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