Updated Visual Schemas For HR-XML 3.0

HR-XML 3.0 is still a draft and continuously evolving. The last time Visual Schemas were created for HR-XML, there were 10 nouns. Now it has grown to 31. The latest Visual Schemas for HR-XML 3.0 Draft specifications are now available. The Visual Schemas are also regenerated with inline annotations to make it even more easy to study them. Annotating XML Schemas is like commenting code and good code is always accompanied with comments.


Visual Schema For Amazon Fulfillment Web Services (Amazon FWS)

VisualSchema.com is pleased to announce the availability of Visual Schemas For Amazon Fulfillment Web Service (Amazon FWS). Amazon FWS allows merchants to outsource their order fulfillment process to Amazon by storing their inventory in Amazon’s Fulfillment centers. This allows merchants to focus on their website and online marketing. When an order is placed, using Amazon FWS, it’s possible to pick, pack and ship it from Amazon Fulfillment center all from the comfort of a mouse click (assuming you have the necessary software that allows you to review the customer order, verify the payment details and then interact with the Amazon FWS to initiate the order fulfillment).

Amazon Associate Web Services Update

The Amazon Associate Web Serivces Visual Schema has been updated to reflect the latest version of the Amazon Associate Web Services. The key change is the inclusion of the RelatedItems element to the Item definition.